Monday, 12 April 2010

Google rates your web site speed

Google has now introduced ‘site speed’ as part of its page ranking algorithms.

Google is using the speed at which pages load to help formulate and rank web pages that appear in its lists based on keyword queries.

Although this change is only set to affect a very small number of webpages, the speed that your web site loads is relevant to visitors and returning traffic. A fast web site is a more user friendly site.

If you’re worried about the load speed of your web site and would like Tonic Fusion to take a look at its speed to give you an opinion whether the new Google changes will affect your rankings please contact us on 01727 810254 or email

When designing and building new web sites we follow an optimisation process that includes web site load speed and image optimisation.

As an example of web site speed, pages from the Tonic Fusion web site take on average 1.2 seconds to load, which is faster than 90% of sites tracked by Google. Our website is graphic intensive due to the web site design. We have optimised our web site for speed and it performs well despite utilising large images and graphics within the page structure.

If you would like more information on how Google is using web site speed read Google’s Blog article Using site speed in web search ranking, or read the BBC technology article Site speed to fuel search results.


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